Dear Community Members,

We know many of you have been waiting to see where the meeting with the Bellona-Gittings Board that was held this week would lead, and the subsequent actions moving forward.  We’re pleased to let the community know that PWS and BG seemed to have rounded a corner. While this was a preliminary discussion about the future of PWS and our ability to grow our footprint, the board appeared to be positioning themselves to work cohesively and together with PWS and you, the wonderful neighbors that surround, shop and support this treasured community to help and advocate reach an agreement that we can all work with.  While the board will handle scheduling and neighborhood outreach, we have made it clear that we will be accessible as needed to help facilitate this plan in a timely manner.  As developments continue, there will be updates available.

While much of this news is positive, much to our dismay, we were informed that the Board has been receiving vitriolic and harassing emails, and even in person direct shaming.  We understand that some people may share our passion towards exploring the ideas of expansion, however it is imperative that this behavior stops immediately. Our objective is to unite the community in a positive manner and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to share both support and opposition in a congenial forum that will lead to a resolution.  Anything short of that is a disservice to both the immediate and surrounding community.  Civility is imperative, and conduct this reprehensible will only further strain the existing partnership we want to cherish.  Remember — be kind.

We look forward to proceeding in an open & respectful manner with you all.


Gordon McNamara 
Daniel Broh-Kahn 
Jake Gazurian