Bellona-Gittings Community Association is dedicated to improving the quality of life and property in the Bellona Gittings community of Baltimore City and County.

The community is located primarily within an area bounded by Charles Street on the west, Midhurst on the north, Pinehurst Road and Bellona Avenue on the east, and Melrose Avenue on the south.

The Bellona Gittings National Historic District comprises an area of 375 homes recognized for its harmonious blend of architectural styles developed over the last century by noted architects.

Bellona-Gittings Community Association

BGCA’s volunteer Board of Directors consists of four officers and six at-large directors.  Current officers and directors are:

President:  Darlene Townsend

Vice President:  Louisa Murphy

Secretary:  Julianna Byrd

Treasurer:  Tracy Swindell

At-large members:

Kim Fisher
Nancy Maronick
Andrew McLoughlin
Robi Rawl
Mari Ross
Ruth Silverstone

The Association has an annual meeting for community members each spring.  All residents are encouraged to join and attend.  Dues are currently $20 per year.

Dues may be paid by check.