Thanks to everyone for coming out to Tuesday night’s discussion with Pinehurst Wine Shoppe. It was great seeing so many members show up to have their voices heard. As a reminder, please send any feedback to the Community Association.

Our plan is to gather all the comments (both for and against the expansion). The BGCA Board will meet with the owners to review community suggestions. It is incredibly important to give a voice to ALL members of the community, not just those who are vocally against or for the expansion. Feedback shared will include the public feedback given Tuesday night as well as feedback the Board has already received from the neighborhood. The meeting will will also give the PWS team the opportunity to provide some additional details requested from community members on specifics of their business plan.

We hope that coming out of this meeting, PWS will leave with enough succinct input to be able to present a proposal (based upon the community input provided) in the near future. The Board will work with PWS to get that meeting scheduled and all Bellona-Gittings neighborhood residents invited. After that presentation, BGCA members will have a separate meeting where they can vote on how they want the board to respond–either in support or opposition. At that community association meeting the Board will also provide a general update for happenings since our last community association meeting held on 10/24/2022. There are significant MDOT and development plans along the York Road corridor that could impact the community and we want to ensure the community stays informed.

Darlene Townsend
President, Bellona-Gittings Community Association