The Bellona-Gittings Community Association Board wants to thank everyone who attended the May 28th annual meeting. The discussion about the future plans of Pinehurst Wine Shoppe was spirited, to say the least, and ended with a vote on one clause of the proposed Memorandum of Understanding, about restrictions on future owners. That clause was voted down. I asked Pinehurst to get any revisions to the draft MOU back to us for further discussions so that we can wrap this up in a timely fashion. Now that their response has been received, there are a number of proposed changes to consider. In addition to dropping the disputed clause, PWS struck a number of provisions, notably the prohibition of any drive through. Given increasing concerns about people speeding through our neighborhood and a number of accidents in close proximity to the intersection that gives BGCA our name, we would like to see that restored. There is also some ambiguity about the number of permitted special events per year, and whether outdoor music is allowed.

Last night two members of the Board had a conference call with a representative of PWS. We asked that they consider adding a Right of First Refusal, better characterized as a “Notification and Option” clause to the MOU. This would require notification by PWS to BGCA of any contemplated sale irrespective of significant change to the business, liquor license, or property, or if an unsolicited offer to purchase is made. The hope is that this would protect the neighborhood as a whole, and the Highly Impacted Neighbors in particular, from any major change in the nature of the business. People are strongly supportive of PWS, and want to see them succeed, but many have stated time and time again that they do not want to see a restaurant or a tavern in that space.

In addition, on that same call we asked for clarification of the number of special events PWS wants to hold during the year.

The latest version of the MOU edited by PWS is below. Changes proposed by PWS are redlined. Please ignore the section about the proposed fencing; that needs to be revised in light of further discussions.

Reminder: there is one Member at Large position currently open on the BGA Board. We are asking for self-nominations. If you would like to be a part of these discussions, send an email stating what you can bring to the community either to this email address or via the Contact Us form on the BGCA website.

Darlene Townsend
President, Bellona-Gittings Community Association